Music Promotions

We can help music artists of any genre achieve the visibility that they deserve. Take a look down below at some of the amazing things we offer.

Music Videos

Street Therapy – Music video shot for DMV artist Sincerest Don

On My Own – Music video shot for Orlando artist Treyfromnextdoor

Live Performance

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Live Performance filmed for DMV’s Sincerest Don. Live performances can help add a feel that’s different than a normal music video. This offers a variety of content and potentially a more visually stimulating feel for the viewer

Electronic Press Kit

Sincerest Don

Electronic Press Kits (EPK) are crtitical for a music artist. This is your 2 minute sell to any high executive to open doors for you. We can hep take you to the next level.

Day To Day Content

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Clip of Sincerest Don’s video for “Choosin”. Staying in the viewerst face with day to day IG content is critical to grow a fanbase.

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Variations of day to day content will give your fans a reason to go back to your song. The more videos you have, the better.

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Visualizers are an easy piece of content to use on any social platform to continue pushing traffic back to your music.

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